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Tired of seeing people get ripped-off with high prices and an average service, we saw a need for professional yet affordable musical entertainment.


Highly Professional Staff

Formally educated in both music and technical production, we are not just knowledgeable but easy to work with throughout the entire process. Staff are First Aid/CPR/Epipen trained and hold a Working With Children check. They will dress for the occasion and don't require to be fed.

Highly Professional Operation

We arrive at least an hour early to any gig and don't leave until things are left exactly how we found them. For external events, we communicate directly with venues so we won't bother you with unnecessary questions. We have $30m public liability insurance, are PPCA licensed, and have all equipment tested and tagged for electrical safety. We also have a backup system in the unlikely event somethings fails and supply a written contract so there are no surprises.

Flexibility, Customisation and Creativity

Few, if no, mobile DJs offer as many different and unique services as we do. We also understand that we are just part of the overall picture and do everything we can to make sure our contribution to the whole event is the best it can be. We become invested in the success of your event!

We are NOT club DJs

Why do we think this is a good thing? Because we understand there is a significant difference between a "club" and an "event" DJ. It means we aren't precious about the music we play. No self-indulgent mixes or playlists only the DJ likes. We consider the enjoyment of you and all of your guests first - creating playlists, reading the room and playing music that is best suited for the moment.

Our Philosophy

This is our greatest and most significant difference between us and other DJs. Put simply, we feel honoured that you would select us for your special occasion, and we act like it! Expect a service that respects the occasion and the crucial role we play. We take this responsibility seriously, yet all you will see and hear is great music and happy guests having a lot of fun.

Tonic DJs is part of Tonic Music who have been providing a variety of music services and products for over 10 years.

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